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An insight to ZNA Gathering

“In the past everything was better. SPIRIT, SOUND, PEOPLE.

Parties with only one dance floor full of energy, a community, a we-are-one feeling. But, if you want to see your future, look into the past!

At the ZNA Gathering in Portugal (31.7.–5.8.2015) I could look into our past, but also into our future.

At a place as beautiful to be hardly true; amongst a rare community of people and artists who designed, influenced and shaped our music. Neither were there top acts nor headliners, the community was the top act, the music was the headliner.

5 days musical journey into the past. We formed a community of like minded people. Listened again to music that has marked our lives over the last 15 years. I had the feeling to have been transported into a different time zone, not to be somewhere in the nature 150 km north of Lisbon, but at places where our culture has emerged. Outside of time and space among friends, you have known forever and have not seen in a while. Impossible, to put these 5 days into text.

Let the words of artists and guests speak:
We look forward to the future, we look forward to 2017, when its again: ZNA GATHERING – our past in the here and now.”

In: Mushroom Magazine
Manjula Muelder / 
Andreas Bim Binotsch

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