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Anouke is Heidi van der Merwe, formally known in the industry as DJ Heidi

This goddess of the decks started her DJing career at ESP Night Club, where she has been playing professionally alongside various respected names in the industry such as Neelix, Liquid Soul & Judge Jules. Showing her ability to satisfy her subjects with high intensity psychedelic music and prowess only a goddess of war can possess.

She made her debut in the Outdoor Psy-Trance scene last year at Earthdance 2015. Again bringing vigor and delight wherever she bestowed her presence with her staff of progressive psychedelic power she wisely guided her subjects into an all-out fever of dance and bliss. Since then she has been taking some time out to explore her creative sides, and bring forth an awe inspiring journey with an undeniable presence of fierce sound wherever she goes.

Her honor has been working with various production houses around Johannesburg to set up events on a regular basis bringing her most loyal soldiers of sound in for battle, to introduce and educate her people to new musical experiences and creating memorable impact through bringing together a array of cultures under one roof, celebrating life, love, music and unity.

DJ Anouke has recently joined an alliance with Portuguese record label Code Vision records, expanding her footprint across the globe.